Roof Leak from Plumbing Vent Pipe

The Problem: Possible Roof Leak I normally start my inspection of a house by taking a look at the roof. My goal is to get on the roof whenever conditions allow because it lets me catch things like potential leak sites. For example: this plumbing vent pipe is the location of a roof leak. The … Read moreRoof Leak from Plumbing Vent Pipe

Common Roof Defects: Nail Pops

Popped nail heads can lead to potential water leaks in your roof. The nail pops pictured can be cause by the heating and cooling of the roof material, then the roof nail can work it’s way out of the roof sheathing. Initially, the popped nail head will lift the shingle that overlaps the nail head. … Read moreCommon Roof Defects: Nail Pops