Now What? Next steps after the home inspection

You just had the home you are trying to buy inspected, what’s next? Hopefully you attended the inspection and you are aware of the things your inspector found. I like to go over a preview of my report with my clients at the end of every inspection so they can ask questions and see issues … Read moreNow What? Next steps after the home inspection

Roof Leak from Plumbing Vent Pipe

The Problem: Possible Roof Leak I normally start my inspection of a house by taking a look at the roof. My goal is to get on the roof whenever conditions allow because it lets me catch things like potential leak sites. For example: this plumbing vent pipe is the location of a roof leak. The … Read moreRoof Leak from Plumbing Vent Pipe

Electrical Hazards: Downed Tree Limbs on Service Drop

The Problem: I recently inspected a house that the electrical service mast, the conduit that the electrical wires enter the building, was pulled away from the house. The first picture shows what this looked like from the ground. The electric meter is still attached to the house, but the conduit is completely separated from the … Read moreElectrical Hazards: Downed Tree Limbs on Service Drop

Common Roof Defects: Nail Pops

Popped nail heads can lead to potential water leaks in your roof. The nail pops pictured can be cause by the heating and cooling of the roof material, then the roof nail can work it’s way out of the roof sheathing. Initially, the popped nail head will lift the shingle that overlaps the nail head. … Read moreCommon Roof Defects: Nail Pops

Checking for Proper Downspout Drainage

Water intrusion path included

Did you know that downspouts draining too close to your foundation can cause water intrusion into your basement or foundation? It can also cause the soil around you foundation to erode away; potentially causing settlement issues with the house. Your home inspector should be checking for the downspout draining at least 4-6 feet from the … Read moreChecking for Proper Downspout Drainage