Now What? Next steps after the home inspection

You just had the home you are trying to buy inspected, what’s next? Hopefully you attended the inspection and you are aware of the things your inspector found. I like to go over a preview of my report with my clients at the end of every inspection so they can ask questions and see issues in person before we leave the property. This also helps my clients know what to expect when they receive my report.

executive summary page sample. what's next after your home inspection.
This is a sample summary page from one of our reports.

Step 1: Read the Report

When you receive your report over the next couple days, take time to review the entirety of the report. My clients will receive their report in the same day as the inspection, which can really help you hit the negotiating window that is written into your contract.

Many inspection reports are full of helpful information about your new house. I often include information such as areas that may need to be re-caulked, links to owners manuals for appliances, and the major defects I find. If you didn’t attend the inspection this is even more critical.

Step 2: Break it down

The amount of information in your report can be overwhelming so it is helpful to create 4 categories for the concerns or observations that are noted the report; then place each item in the report into one category. The categories I use are:

  1. Items to ask to be corrected before closing
  2. Items to ask the seller about (when a repair was made, by whom, etc.)
  3. Items to take care of after closing
  4. Information for future reference

Step 3: Talk to your real estate agent

Make a list of items from categories 1 and 2 and talk to your real estate agent. Your agent should haveĀ  experience on how to deal with the home inspection findings and should serve as your advisor during the post-inspection negotiations.

Step 4: (Post-Closing) Make your to-do list

After you have taken possession of the house you can start taking care of items from category 3 above. Keep track of the improvements that you make; these can be used as selling points when you go to sell. Real estate agent like it when you can provide a copy of your inspection report and a list of all the things you have fixed that were in that report. It can help you get more for the house when you are ready to sell.

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