Electrical Hazards: Downed Tree Limbs on Service Drop

electrical mast ripping away from houseDamaged roof from electrical service mast

The Problem:

I recently inspected a house that the electrical service mast, the conduit that the electrical wires enter the building, was pulled away from the house. The first picture shows what this looked like from the ground. The electric meter is still attached to the house, but the conduit is completely separated from the house except where it passes from the roof.

Once I got on the roof I was able to see the second picture. The electrical service mast ripped through the roof sheathing and tore up the shingles around it. This is definitely a water penetration location at this point. It is also potentially dangerous if the final few fasteners give out and the electrical line end up on the ground just outside the back door of the house.


Tree limb pulling down of service dropThe Cause:

As I followed the electrical service back toward the transformer, away from the house, I noticed the cause of the tension on the wires: a downed tree limb. This electrical service drop ran in between quite a few trees on the way to the house I was inspecting, so this tree limb was not completely obvious standing at the house.

The Solution:

The first recommended action is the call the electric utility as soon as possible; normally the electric company is responsible for the everything until it reaches the electric service mast. Most electric companies will trim most branches that hang over the wires because they want to avoid this exact situation. The next step would be to have a contractor(s) reattach the service mast to the house and repair the roof .

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