Common Roof Defects: Nail Pops

roof nail concerns and result from roof inspection
Popped Nail covered by shingle.

Popped nail heads can lead to potential water leaks in your roof. The nail pops pictured can be cause by the heating and cooling of the roof material, then the roof nail can work it’s way out of the roof sheathing. Initially, the popped nail head will lift the shingle that overlaps the nail head. If not repaired, it can eventually break through that overlapped shingle and create a water leak path.

In addition to the lifted roof nail possibly damaging the shingle, it can also cause the seal between the shingles to break. You can see a gap between the shingle in the picture of the covered nail. This gap could allow high winds to get underneath the shingle tab and break it off. This condition could be the start to wind damage to your roof.

roof material defect from a popped roof nail
A lifted nail head could eventually break through the single and create a potential roof leak.

Here is the good news: this condition is easily corrected by someone that is trained on roof repairs. It’s certainly easier to fix before wind damage can occur. That is one of the reasons a home inspection is so valuable; it can save you a lot in repair costs by catching these small issues before they become big issues.

The pictures above are from a recent inspection that I performed. These are things that are easily missed by an inspector if they don’t actually get on the roof of your house. I like to walk on every roof that is safe to do so, this lets me catch the small things that others may miss. Call me, Justin Campbell, today to schedule an inspection of your house at 317-939-1407.


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